Eight steps to you deciding that I’m the one you want to mentor

Step one

You check out the site mydiamonddays.com and realise that, hey! this person in Brisbane Australia followed your steps and has built herself an empire (okay so maybe empire is strong) a network of people using those steps. The network is trembling on the cusp of becoming the key meditation site around all because of you.

Step Two

You take a breath, then step back. Okay, sure she certainly followed the suggestions about networking and how to get ahead. She offered her services to people within her newly created contact group. That’s cool but she then manned up (a lot!) and pitched her newly created connection to the biggest women’s blog in Australia. Here are stats for Mamamia who are running the article in January.

We don’t pay for contributions (unfortunately) but the site gets 4 million hits per month and has 500,000 unique views (so 500,000 readers).  We also have a social media army of about 70,000.

And her article is running on 6 January!

Step Three

You then realise that not only has she created this site using all my ideas, she has done it while raising three small children and working at a paid job and on the smell of an oily rag.

She is seriously the poster child for your ideas. Far out, if this person can prove your premise that you can get (or make!) the job you want without formal credentials in the area.

Step Four

And then it occurs to you that meditations are in the same field as mental health which is an area close to your heart. Maybe, you think, by mentoring, Kathy you could help out other people who struggle to keep their minds clear and calm. That’d feel good – and just another way to give back.

Step Five

You then take a closer look at the website she has created based on your ideas. You realise that she is working furiously night and day to get the site ready for the 6 January launch. And you think – wow if she can accomplish so much in 3 short months – how much more could she do with yout added firepower?

Step Six

Digging further, you realise that she has pledged 10% of income (not profit) to a really great cause and is clearly very interested in giving back.

Step Seven

But hang on, you think. Does this project qualify under our rules?

This contest is for any and all readers who were inspired by this article. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, if you’re a high school dropout, are in school now, or a graduate of Harvard Law School. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been unemployed for years, or are successfully employed now but wanting to switch careers.

Okay, that’s fine – she qualifies for that bit. Tick.

The only rule for following this is: you must choose a field you have absolutely no work history, credential, or experience in. It must be a completely fresh field for you, starting from scratch.

Okay, she qualifies there as well. She has no experience in the meditation and wellness field but has leveraged the skills she does have to start to create herself into an expert in that new field. Tick.

If you don’t have full time to devote to this, due to school or work obligations, and can only devote your off-hours to this, no problem! I’ll take into account the whole picture of your life in choosing the winners. But no matter how much time you devote to it, the area you compete in must be completely new and fresh to you.

So she has done this working on it part time around kids, family, work and a mortgage. I can live with that. Tick

Step Eight

Okay you think. She is clearly “The One.” Job done. Decision made.

Just a little side note. I am going white water rafting with my family (first time for my five year old) from the 30 Dec until 2 Jan. Not sure when you are thinking of notifying the winner but just thought that might be a good piece of info for you.

Happy New Year!!!

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Step 4 – start working for free

Been doing this for about 2 months and it is working better than i can say.

I have now contacted and started networking with more than 20 meditation experts and (get this!!?) every single one of them have agreed to provide a meditation on the site in return for being part of the community!

I’ve interviewed 10 of them so far (either in person or via skype) and my challenge is to get them all up on the site.


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Here’s some of the results of my networking.

Matthew Young from the Melbourne Meditation Centre 

Tulsi Devi from Yoga in Daily Life

Hailey Bartholomew on Ruby Who

Kyle Lee Young

Jean Di Carlo Wagner

And that’s just the first ones out of the 20 I have queued to go!



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I am creating my own damn job and my own damn credentials – and you as a mentor would be damn fine

Nearly three months into your challenge and here’s where I’m at (based on your 9 step plan):

I came up with an idea in which I wanted to develop my own credentials (pretty much on the day I read your blog)

I have educated myself in the area of meditation and online marketing. I have done reviews of the information I have learned and posted them on my blog to showcase my learning.

I have started to develop my networking skills and have connected with more than 20 people who can help me.

I have started working for free – offering my skills in return for the knowledge, wisdom and connections of the people I am working with.

I am in the process of developing the perfect case study of my work and networking within the website http://www.mydiamonddays.com.

Far out but it is working! Thankyou!!


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Step 2 – showcasing your learning

Although I  have read lots of great books lately that I could do reviews on (which I still plan to do once I get the time) I have focussed my website at http://www.mydiamonddays.com and am showcasing all my learning on there.

You will see I am slowly establishing my site as the go to place to find out about meditation. You can check out the people I have interviewed and who have provided meditations in return for being part of the hub here  and here.

Looks like it was all pretty easy but in order to do this, I’ve had to learn to record via skype and edit it in imovie, record on my camera and edit it. I’ve bought a fancy, broadcast quality microphone and am currently learning how to use garage band to record and edit it for the meditations.

Seriously by 27 December I am going to seriously look like I know what I’m doing (and maybe will actually know some of what I’m doing……)

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And the really big news is that mamamia wants me to write for them about meditation

Again, following the steps Michael has suggested I approached a colleage of mine called Rebecca Sparrow (we published books together around the same time)

She is now assistant editor at Mamamia.com – one of Australia’s most well read blogs.

She wants me to write some columns for the site on meditation.

Biggest news yet!


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So guess what???! What Michael says works

Based on the steps Michael suggested I now have a functioning website that is attracting some really cool people. People who are in fact experts in their field and who want to engage with me because of my growing skills.

To prove it, you can can check out http://www.mydiamonddays.com and specifically my first interview with my first meditation expert. And then there is his page.

And even better there are three more experts I have lined up to interview for my site!!!

Basically, they seem keen to provide their expertise in return for mine.

They are:

Hailey Bartholemew

Alison Keane

Kyle-Lee Young


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